Out & About: 6th November 2011

Today I was out in the Sutton Park & Erdington area of Birmingham today. I read an article about setting the custom ‘corrective’ white balance of infrared-converted cameras. Instead of the entire image being red, the custom white balance brings out more subtle colours. I also finished a roll of film (35mm #15) to see whether I have resealed the Minolta successfully or not.

The-Funfair-(Red-Green-swapl) The-Funfair-(IR-Original)

Red & Green channels swapped.

Original image.


Black and white converted.

The-Funfair-4 The-Funfair-2
The-Jetty-9 The-Jetty-10
The-Funfair-5 The-Funfair-3

I also found that with this camera, that there is less vignetting with the HolgaDirect kit, probably because there is more diffraction because infrared has a longer wavelength than visible light. This is a pretty sweet combination as both infrared and holga benefit from a bright sunny day - I should try some more if I have a chance.

Infrared-Holga-4 Infrared-Holga-5
Infrared-Holga Infrared-Holga-2
Infrared-Holga-6 Infrared-Holga-3



Toyo Field 45a - More photographs

Another scan from the 20th August, where I first used my newly acquired Toyo Field 45A, a large format bellows camera which accepts 4×5 loaded in darkslides. A this is a double exposure from by the cathedral and then castle square in Lincoln.


Split Toning Prints

I did this a while back when doing GCSE Photography 2/3 years ago. Unsure what I used, but I definitely had at least 6 different trays of chemicals. These are normal darkroom prints, which after fixing & rinsing were put into different trays. Why the Teddy Bear pictures? I was doing a “Childhood Memorabilia” project.

The teddy bear pictures were taken with a Minolta X500 with a 50mm f/2 lens. The statues were taken with a borrowed Nikon FM2a with a 24mm lens. Both cameras were loaded with Ilford HP5+. I believe these were printed on Ilford Multigrade IV (resin coated, 5×7in.) All prints were scanned with an Epson Perfection 2420 at 600dpi.

Split-Toned-Prints---Bears-1-A Split-Toned-Prints---Bears-1-B Split-Toned-Prints---Bears-1-C
Split-Toned-Prints---Bears-1-D Split-Toned-Prints---Bears-1-E Split-Toned-Prints---Bears-1-F
Split-Toned-Prints---Bears-1-G Split-Toned-Prints---Bears-1-H Split-Toned-Prints---Bears-1-I
Split-Toned-Prints---Bears-1-J Split-Toned-Prints---Bears-1-K
Split-Toned-Prints---Bears-2-A Split-Toned-Prints---Bears-2-B
Split-Toned-Prints---Bears-2-C Split-Toned-Prints---Bears-2-D
Split-Toned-Prints---Bears-2-E Split-Toned-Prints---Bears-2-F
Split-Toned-Prints---Bears-2-G Split-Toned-Prints---Bears-2-H
Split-Toned-Prints---Bears-2-I Split-Toned-Prints---Bears-2-K
Split-Toned-Prints---Waterside-Arch-J Split-Toned-Prints---Waterside-Arch-C
Split-Toned-Prints---Waterside-Arch-A Split-Toned-Prints---Waterside-Arch-B
Split-Toned-Prints---Waterside-Arch-G Split-Toned-Prints---Waterside-Arch-D
Split-Toned-Prints---Waterside-Arch-H Split-Toned-Prints---Waterside-Arch-E
Split-Toned-Prints---Waterside-Arch-I Split-Toned-Prints---Waterside-Arch-F

Take-A-View 2011

The results for this year’s Take-A-View have been announced, and I was lucky enough to have 3 images appear in the book.


Snowy Graveyard - Highly Commended


Frosty Trees - Winner, Youth “Your View”


The Jetty - Winner, Youth “Classic View”