Take-A-View Workshop

Charlie WaiteThis weekend was a workshop prize for the the successful juniors in last year’s Take-A-View, an annual UK landscape competition, started by Charlie Waite, one of Britain’s most famous landscape photographers.

On Friday, we departed our residence in Lincoln and began our journey towards Northampton. When we arrived at the hotel for the night we went for a little walk, hoping to get some monochrome magic photos, even though it was night and I was not using a tripod.

The-Car-Park-11 The-Car-Park-12
Northampton-Skyline Buddies


We woke early morning and began the second half of the journey to Shaftesbury. When we arrived at the hotel we sat in the bar, waiting for the others. By 11am, all of us had arrived and we were warmly greeted by Charlie Waite.

He gave a presentation of landscape photography before we visited Stourhead Gardens and Gold Hill in Shaftesbury.

Stourhead-Gardens Hanging-Out
Fox-Gloves Gold-Hill,-Shaftesbury-2
Folley-in-the-Grass Gold-Hill,-Shaftesbury


The next day we were greeted by Charlie and found a quiet water mill, where he talked about filtration and infrared photography. Afterwards we visited the avenue of Beech trees leading to the Kingston Lacy estate. We also visited a vintage air show en route back to the hotel. When we returned, we bid each other farewell and left.

The-Mill-House The-Gate-2
The-Trees-3 The-Tree-6
The-Tree-8 The-Tree-9
The-Tree-7 The-Trees-6
The-Trees-5 The-Trees-7
Propellers-2 Propellers-3





More pictures to follow when the roll of film is processed.

Donington Park

Went to Donington Park on Sunday, which featured the International Superstars Series, Speed Euroseries, as well as pick-up trucks and scooter racing.

Through-the-Chicane Out-of-the-Race
Blitzing-the-Straights-3 Blitzing-the-Straights-4
Blitzing-the-Straights-2 Blitzing-the-Straights
Blitzing-the-Straights-2---Pop-Art Blitzing-the-Straights-5
Out-of-the-Race-2 Through-the-Chicane-3
Tailgating Through-the-Chicane-2
The-Pack Out-of-the-Race-3
Over-the-Crest Battle-on-the-Hairpin



Out & About: 3rd June

Went out shopping in town today. Some more photos of the Valentine retail park on Tritton Road, Lincoln. Previous visit was on the 20th April.

The-Car-Park-9 The-Car-Park-5
The-Car-Park-7 To-Let-4
The-Car-Park-6 To-Let-3-(Mono)