Out & About: 6th November 2011

Today I was out in the Sutton Park & Erdington area of Birmingham today. I read an article about setting the custom ‘corrective’ white balance of infrared-converted cameras. Instead of the entire image being red, the custom white balance brings out more subtle colours. I also finished a roll of film (35mm #15) to see whether I have resealed the Minolta successfully or not.

The-Funfair-(Red-Green-swapl) The-Funfair-(IR-Original)

Red & Green channels swapped.

Original image.


Black and white converted.

The-Funfair-4 The-Funfair-2
The-Jetty-9 The-Jetty-10
The-Funfair-5 The-Funfair-3

I also found that with this camera, that there is less vignetting with the HolgaDirect kit, probably because there is more diffraction because infrared has a longer wavelength than visible light. This is a pretty sweet combination as both infrared and holga benefit from a bright sunny day - I should try some more if I have a chance.

Infrared-Holga-4 Infrared-Holga-5
Infrared-Holga Infrared-Holga-2
Infrared-Holga-6 Infrared-Holga-3