Out & About: 31 May 2012

Some photos taken during a quick evening cycle.





Out & About: 30 May 2012

Some flower photography taken in the village and at Doddington Hall’s iris week.

Rhododendron-5 Pink-Allium-2
Pansies Cornflower
Pansy-&-Daisy Bellis
Pink-Allium Dog-Rose
Irises-3 Irises-8
Irises-5 Irises-4




Film 28

Kodak Technical PAN is a slow speed black and white film, designed for technical applications. Technical PAN was very popular among photographers and astronomers because it was capable of recording extremely fine detail and its extended red sensitivity. Kodak stopped selling the film in 2004.

The following images were taken on a brief visit to Burton Waters, near Lincoln. Photographed with a Canon EOS 600 with a 28-135mm lens. They were developed using Paterson FX-39, diluted to 1+19 for 8:52 at 24°, using a Jobo Autolab 1000.

Construction-at-Burton-Waters-4 Construction-at-Burton-Waters-2
Construction-at-Burton-Waters-3 Construction-at-Burton-Waters
Burton-Waters-Marina-8 Burton-Waters-Marina-9
Burton-Waters-Marina-6 Burton-Waters-Marina-7
Burton-Waters-Marina-5 Burton-Waters-Marina-10
Burton-Waters-Marina-12 Burton-Waters-Marina-2
Burton-Waters-Marina-4 Burton-Waters-Marina



Out & About: 20 May 2012

Some images when I visited Hartsholme earlier today.







Film 27

I recently acquired eight 100ft rolls of Fuji Neopan 1600 and a bulk film loader. Purchasing some reloadable cassettes, I hand-rolled a cassette before exposure at Hartsholme Country Park, Lincoln.

Unfortunately, when I opened the camera back to take the exposed cassette out, the film was fully wrapped around the wind-on spool, compromising the film. Once I got home, I begun salvaging the film by transferring the film from the wind-on spool to a developing spool in a lightproof changing tent. Despite the catastrophe, I was able to process the film, and the results were surprising, with the first 12 or so images being usable, despite heavy fogging.That’s the last time I use cheap masking tape to hand-load bulk film.

Canon EOS 600 with 28-135mm lens. Loaded with hand-rolled Fuji Neopan 1600. Developed in Ilford ID-11 at 1+3, for 6:47 at 30°. Scanned with a Plustek OpticFilm 7400 at 3600dpi.

Chestnut-Fencing-2 Across-the-Lake
Hartsholme-Memorial-Bench-2 Hartsholme-Memorial-Bench
Hartsholme-Birch Ferns-in-the-Forest


Large Format Photos: 17 May 2012

Some large-format photos I took a few weeks ago, when I was at a derelict building, next to a public footpath, in the area.

Toyo Field 45a with 90mm f/6.8 lens. Ilford FP4+. Developed for 7 minutes using Paterson FX-39 at 24°, 1+14, with a Jobo Autolab 1000.

Woodside-Barn-4 Woodside-Barn-3