Florida 2012: Film A

My family’s holiday to Florida in July 2012. Along with my 20D and compact camera, I also brought the Konica C35v with ten rolls of film. The first film I exposed was Tudor 200, a rather impressive budget print film. I picked up 10 rolls of this stuff on eBay for just £13.50, and it is much better than Fujicolour C200.

I developed this at home using the 1L Tenenal C41 kit, which is much cheaper than getting it developed on the high street. Negatives were scanned at 3600dpi.

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Florida 2012: Digital Photographs Part 3

Attention! This is a long post with many photographs. You may have to wait for all the pictures to download. In fact, this post has so many pictures I have decided to split it into three posts. This is the third and last post of the digital photographs. There will be five more posts from the five films I exposed. Subscribe by email, RSS or Google friend connect to be notified when these posts are available.

Day 12 - We left the Keys and went on an airboat tour in Coopertown, The Everglades. That evening was spent in Bonita Springs.

_MG_9312 _MG_9314
Sunset-at-Bonita-Springs-2 Sunset-at-Bonita-Springs-3

Day 13 - We visited Sanibel Island then drove north to Treasure Island, Tampa.

Driving-a-Dream IMGP0026
Neons-of-Florida---Thunderbird Neons-of-Florida---Sea-Jay-Motel-4
Neons-of-Florida-4 Neons-of-Florida---Sea-Jay-Motel
Neons-of-Florida---Sea-Jay-Motel-3 Neons-of-Florida---Sea-Jay-Motel-2
Neons-of-Florida---Sea-Jay-Motel-5 Neons-of-Florida---Sea-Jay-Motel-6
Neons-of-Florida---Sea-Jay-Motel-7 Neons-of-Florida---Sea-Jay-Motel-8

Day 14 - We spent the morning on the beach and the evening in John’s Pass.

Beach-Volleyball-5---Treasure-Island,-Tampa Beach-Volleyball---Treasure-Island,-Tampa
Beach-Volleyball-3---Treasure-Island,-Tampa Beach-Volleyball-2---Treasure-Island,-Tampa
_MG_9558 Beach-Volleyball-4---Treasure-Island,-Tampa
_MG_9570 _MG_9574
_MG_9569 _MG_9572
Neons-of-Florida---John's-Pass-Parking _MG_9588
_MG_9601 _MG_9585
_MG_9636 _MG_9635
_MG_9651 _MG_9657
Neons-of-Florida---John's-Pass Neons-of-Florida---John's-Pass-2
_MG_9627 Neons-of-Florida---John's-Pass-4
Neons-of-Florida---John's-Pass-6 Neons-of-Florida---John's-Pass-5
Neons-of-Florida---John's-Pass-8 Neons-of-Florida---John's-Pass-7
Neons-of-Florida---John's-Pass-11 Neons-of-Florida---John's-Pass-9
Neons-of-Florida---John's-Pass-10 Neons-of-Florida---John's-Pass-12
Neons-of-Florida---John's-Pass-14 _MG_9690
_MG_9625 Neons-of-Florida---John's-Pass-13
Neons-of-Florida---John's-Pass-3 Kohr-Family-Frozen-Custard

Day 15 - We visited our last theme park, Busch Gardens in Tampa. It was in the evening that I went for a walk and took some more “Americana” pictures of the neon lighting.

Sunset-5-at-Treasure-Island,-Tampa,-FL Sunset-3-at-Treasure-Island,-Tampa,-FL
Sunset-at-Treasure-Island,-Tampa,-FL Sunset-2-at-Treasure-Island,-Tampa,-FL
Sunset-4-at-Treasure-Island,-Tampa,-FL Neons-of-Florida-10
Neons-of-Florida-6 Neons-of-Florida-5
Neons-of-Florida-9 Neons-of-Florida-8
Neons-of-Florida-11 Neons-of-Florida-7
_MG_9770 _MG_9771
_MG_9712 Neons-of-Florida-12
_MG_9732 _MG_9724
_MG_9741 Neons-of-Florida-13

Day 16 - We drove back to Orlando and flew home.