Cyclocross - 18th November 2012

My cycle ride was cut prematurely, and I found out that there was a cyclocross event in Nettleham. I grabbed my camera and decided to check it out.














Mamiya RB67 - 120 Films 11, 12 & 13

I had the opportunity to use a Mamiya RB67 for a couple of days in Derby.

Mamiya RB67 with 65mm f/4.5, 127mm f/3.5 and 180mm f/4.5 lenses.
Ilford Delta 100 developed in ID11.

Film-120-11---1 Film-120-11---4
Film-120-11---6 Film-120-11---7
Film-120-11---5 Film-120-11---3
Film-120-11---8 Film-120-11---9
Film-120-12---1 Film-120-12---2
Film-120-12---5 Film-120-12---3
Film-120-12---6 Film-120-12---4
Film-120-12---9 Film-120-12---10
Film-120-13---5 Film-120-13---4
Film-120-13---6 Film-120-13---1
Film-120-13---10 Film-120-13---9
Film-120-13---8 Film-120-13---7